Waldorf Pulse 2


Waldorf Pulse 2, new analogue mono synths

We picked the original Pulse as one of our most underrated synths back in 2012, but the arrival of the Pulse 2 has shone the spotlight back on the series and brought it the attention we always felt it deserved. The original was a monophonic 90s classic and the Pulse 2 is a fitting update.

Despite the fact that it’s packaged in the same attractive desktop module format as Waldorf’s digital Blofeld, don’t let the form of this slim, lightweight synth fool you into thinking the sound will follow suit. With three digitally controlled analogue oscillators and a very flexible multi-mode filter, the Pulse 2 is every bit as fat and heavy as its older brother.

Where the Pulse 2 really shines is its versatility. Although the controls on the front panel might seem simplistic, Waldorf’s programming matrix is an intuitive approach which provides access to a huge range of parameters. The Pulse 2 features unison and paraphonic modes, an arpeggiator, two LFOs (one with MIDI sync), distortion effects and a huge range of modulation options.

Make no mistake: there’s a hell of a lot of synth packed into this little box.


6th February, 2015

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