Pittsburgh Modular System 10


PITTSBURGH MODULAR SYSTEM 10, new analogue mono synths

With its semi-modular design littered with patch points, Pittsburgh Modular’s latest release is just crying out to be hooked up to other synth modules and turned into the hub of a modular system. But before you write it off as just another component in a modular system (or get out the credit card and start ordering filters and oscillators to plug into it), let us clarify that the System 10 is a great synth in its own right, before you even pick up a patch cable.

It’s a flexible system built around Pittsburgh’s Synthesizer Box, a complete synth voice in a single module. In this section you’ll find a single oscillator, one envelope generator, an LFO and a very good filter. Alongside it there’s a utility module with three mixers and two multiples, then a MIDI-to-CV converter and finally the output section. As with all semi-modular designs, you don’t need to make any physical connections using patch cables to get a sound out of the System 10; everything is internally normalled and routed to create a basic architecture. The patch points can override these internal routings, creating a great entry point to the world of modular synthesis.

The System 10 offers incredible value for money, whether you intend to use it as the basis for a modular system or not.


6th February, 2015

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