ARP Odyssey


ARP ODYSSEY, new analogue mono synths

If you predicted that Korg would bring out a reissue of the ARP Odyssey before it was announced, we’re impressed. We certainly didn’t see this one coming.

Announced early last year and finally unveiled at this year’s NAMM trade show, the Odyssey is a painstaking recreation of the 1972 original. Launched as a rival to the Minimoog, the Odyssey remained in production until 1981, going through a number of tweaks over its lifespan. The Korg replica includes all three filter circuits from the three generations of Odyssey, allowing the user to switch between them at will for slightly different sounds.

Like the Korg MS-20 Mini, Korg’s Odyssey is slightly miniaturised, but it’s also updated slightly with the addition of modern standards including MIDI, an overdrive circuit and a headphone output. As for the sound, it’s just as funky and endearing as the original.

We were surprised by the reincarnation of the Odyssey, but already it’s got us itching for more. Korg, if you’re listening, how about a Solina or 2600 next?


6th February, 2015


  • Wow, so you can plug your guitar on ‘audio in’ and what comes out is the synth sound? Can the Moog Sub 37 do this? For midi sync, I would need midi connections right? Which is better Sub 37 or Pro 2?

  • What are you talking about?

  • Shhhh don’t tell anybody about the Pulse 2, it can be our little secret ok?! 😉

  • MFB Dominion Anyone????????

  • Pro 2 or Sub 37 ist also the question for me!

  • Always wondered what the Elektron Monomachine, looks sick.

  • Damn what about the MFB Dominion 1? That’s easily one of the best monosynths on the market today.


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