Sonic Charge µTONIC, drum synth plugins

Sonic Charge µTONIC

$99 + VAT

µTONIC (pronounced Microtonic) was one of the first real-time drum synths to make a major impact on the plugin market, and it’s a sign of how far ahead of the game it was that it’s still a great option despite relatively few updates over the years (the current sound engine is largely the same as that found in version 2, released nearly a decade ago).

Sonic Charge’s Magnus Lidström is one of the most talented audio plugin developers around, responsible for unique instruments including the Mälstrom graintable synth in Reason and the Brian Eno-endorsed “genetic” synth, Synplant.

As such, Sonic Charge’s own tongue-in-cheek synopsis of µTONIC as “synthetic drums that omfg pwns” doesn’t quite do it justice. What we have here is a drum plugin that doesn’t make any claims to recreate analogue classics, or follow strict rules about how sounds should be created. Instead, it’s all about the end result, and µTONIC sounds great.

Sonically, you could compare it an Elektron MachineDrum or maybe even a Korg Electribe; it’s digital, but with bags of character. Dial in a preset, mess with some settings and push it into new territory. This is a plugin that encourages experimentation and rewards those with an one mind. A cult favourite, and long may it continue.



22nd May, 2015

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