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Like KickR, Plugin Boutique’s BigKick is a specialist – no prizes for guessing that it also focuses on kick drums. Plugin Boutique’s debut instrument uses a combination of samples for character and synthesis for body, but the options are quite a lot more advanced than what we saw in KickR.

We really like the attention to detail here. For a start, you’ve got a library of more than 300 attack samples to choose from before you even think about loading your own custom sounds. Add to that the fact that you can switch the body synth section between Original and Tough modes and you’re immediately capable of programming a huge range of kicks, from ultra-tight, aggressive hits through to looser, softer sounds.

At a shade under £40, BigKick is a hugely appealing option for anyone looking to take complete control of their kick drums. It may only do one thing, but it does it very well indeed.


We can’t ignore Sonic Academy’s KICK here, either. It takes a similar approach to BigKick, but with a few subtle differences that make it worth a look if you’re after a kick-focused plugin.



22nd May, 2015

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