Guda Audio KickR, drum synth plugins

Guda Audio KickR

€19 ($19)

The first plugin on our list is one of the most recent releases here and also one of the most simple. KickR is a very basic instrument from Guda Audio, aka David Gunnarsson. After a hard day working as a software developer, Gunnarsson likes to unwind by, er… developing software. Outside of his regular work, he gets to focus on his passion for music, creating a couple of neat music tools along the way (the other one is EuterpeXL, a quirky little synth plugin).

KickR is, as the name suggest, a kick plugin, which uses synthesis for the ‘body’ of the sound, samples for the ‘thump’ and then offers a noise generator for colour plus three-band EQ and a distortion effect for final tone shaping. The parameters are fairly basic, but they give you enough control over the sound to create a range of results.

With the ability to load custom samples as well as choose from the built-in selection, you can get a huge range of sounds out of KickR and really tailor your kicks to suit each track. At just €19, it’s a very inexpensive way to get a taste of what makes the hybrid samples-and-synthesis approach so effective.

22nd May, 2015

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