Vochlea joins the Black Friday bonanza and want you to sign up for their newsletter to be the first to receive their offers. Dubler 2 now comes with MIDI Capture so it’s worth getting involved.

Who are Vochlea And What Is Dubler 2?

Vochlea Music is a music technology company based in London. The company aims to help musicians use their voice to make music more intuitively than ever.

To do so they released their flagship product, Dubler 2, which showcases their advanced voice-to-MIDI software. It enables artists to generate rhythms, melodies, chord sequences and MIDI controller data by singing or vocalising beats into a microphone.

You can read our full review and tutorial for Dubler 2 from last year.

What is MIDI Capture?

Dubler 2’s new companion plugin allows you to record cleaner pitch MIDI directly from within your DAW, minimizing the need to clean up unintended notes and speeding up your workflow.

To make it work, you simply add the plugin as an instrument, connect it with Dubler 2 and start recording your melodies directly within the plugin. You can then drag and drop the finished clean clip into any track in your DAW.

How it works:

  • MIDI Capture is a VST3 or AU plugin and will appear in your DAWs plugin list
  • Add the MIDI Capture plugin as an instrument to a MIDI track
  • Open Dubler directly from the plugin to setup your key
  • Record a pitch melody directly from the plugin by hitting spacebar in your DAW – the plugin will automatically sync with the BPM set in your DAW
  • The plugin will record your input from Dubler, clean it up and return a clip in the plugin. You can toggle between RAW and Clean to view both versions of the clip.
  • Drag and drop the clip from the plugin into any instrument track in your DAW

Dubler 2 Black Friday Deals

To get involved, sign up for the Vochlea Black Friday list. By subscribing, you’ll get offers ahead of everyone else.

If you want to get Dubler 2 and MIDI Capture for LESS than everyone else next week, you need to sign up above!

21st November, 2022

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