The 2000 files of recordings that the British producer jammed out during the sessions for his latest album ‘Tread’ are all available for download online.

In the age of live streaming and social media, artists are continuing to keep their fans engaged. Some artists have used platforms like Twitch to share their top tips, while others have even streamed their whole album production sessions live. 

Fresh off the heels of his superb album ‘Tread‘, Ross From Friends took to Instagram to introduce his spin. The announcement was for his new website that contains over 2000 wav files of recordings he created during the writing process for Tread. 

Ross From Friends Free Recordings

The sounds were all recorded via his own Max For Live device Thresho that he describes as “a utility that records everything you play once the audio level reaches a certain threshold and stops once it dips below that threshold. If I just stood up and mashed some keys on the synth right now, it’d record exactly what I just did. Once it’s done it puts the recording, timestamped, into a folder so I could access it later.”

Ross From Friends Free Recordings

The sounds include moody pads, synth chord progressions, noise and effects, drum loops and much more and the website allows you to sort them by date of recording and length. The sounds also appear to be royalty-free as the Brainfeeder artist has said “I’m keen for the recordings to take on a life of their own. I’d love for people to use them in their own stuff: music, video, performance, dance, whatever. On the site, there’s a place to upload links to share your interpretations of the recordings.”

His full post is below and this is the link to the website where you can look through and download the recordings:

You can also click here to download the Thresho device.

Ross From Friends Free Recordings


Author Aykan Esen
24th November, 2021

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