The non-profit project, Music Lotto, is a brand new source of reliable and substantial funding for independent artists and venues in England, Scotland and Wales. The project is set to launch in February 2022.

Gatherwell, founded in 2013 is a licensed lottery company that has announced it is to launch the lottery project Music Lotto. They hold the title ‘Lottery Operator of the Year’ as Gatherwell operates more than 1500 bespoke lotteries for local authorities, schools, charities, unions and societies.

Covid-19’s effect on the music industry

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK’s music industry has taken a multitude of hits. Umbrella organisation UK Music reported that the music industry’s economic contribution was cut by almost 50% in 2020 alone. DJs, artists, festivals and club earnings have plunged in recent times, averaging roughly 78%, according to the International Music Summit.

You don’t have to be a musician or venue to take part. The Music Lotto is open to anyone aged 18+ in England, Scotland and Wales to enter each week.

The independent music industry will be supported at many levels by Music Lotto. At least 50% of each ticket will be pledged to artists, venues and other charities that are in line with the cause.

In addition, Music Lotto will also be splitting a pool of fundraised capital between seven UK-based artists on a monthly basis. All that is required is a valid application. There will also be further sponsorships, grants and partnerships.

Music Lotto

There will be the chance to win Music Lotto’s £25,000 jackpot. If players miss out on the weekly jackpot, there will still be a chance to win other prizes of £2,000, £250 and £25, or three tickets for the following week’s draw.

Music Lotto

Music Lotto’s long-term vision is to have additional benefits of artist mentorships, assistance and gigs. These tools will create an inclusive ecosystem for independent musicians and grassroots venues.

Find out more on the Music Lotto Instagram.


Author Britney Young
12th January, 2022

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