As vinyl is anticipated to overtake CD sales, new pressing plant ‘Press on Vinyl’ will be open to indie artists and labels in 2022.

Vinyl has seen a huge surge in sales around the UK with a whopping 30.5% sales increase in 2021 alone. This is a huge deal for the industry when drawing sale comparisons from last thirty years.

Moving with the times, David Hynes, Danny Lowe, and David Todd spotted a marketing opportunity and founded their brand-new pressing plant company, ‘Press On Vinyl’.

Press On

With the direction that vinyl sales are headed, CDs are seemingly becoming a thing of the past. For the very first time since 1987, vinyl is anticipated to outsell CDs in 2022.

Now that there is increased demand for records, the market is seeing a shortage in supply. Artists and labels are struggling to meet their targets, due to supply shortages.

The trio saw this as a chance to support their local Middlesbrough community by introducing a new pressing plant catering to indie labels and creatives within and around Teesside. They are aiming to produce 50,000 vinyl per month, with the intention to increase this target as their business grows.

The squeeze on vinyl production has been an ongoing headache for the industry. According to Variety Magazine, even Adele had no choice but to hold tight for six months, for her album to be processed for vinyl.

‘Press On Vinyl’ David Todd, when speaking on his business endeavour said: “The demand for vinyl from music fans has increased massively over the last five to six years but the global capacity hasn’t increased with that, so over the whole world there’s a massive shortage of pressing plants who can provide the capacity for the labels and the artists.”


Author Britney Young
11th January, 2022

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