Fabfilter’s follow-up to the award-winning Twin 2 features a sleek new UI, redesigned oscillators and filters, a brand-new FX section and much more.

Over the years Fabfilter has established itself as an industry leader in sound processing software. Plugins such as Pro-Q 3, Pro-L, and Saturn 2 are widely touted as some of if not the best money can buy. However, Fabfilter has yet to release a synth that has been as widely adopted as many of its effects plugins. Twin 3 might just be the one to change that.

User Interface

Twin 3’s brand new UI draws inspiration from Fabfilters effects plugins. The filters feature an interactive EQ-style display, similar to albeit more limited than the one found in Pro-Q 3. Drag and drop modulation is available along with full visualization of modulation signals throughout the signal path.

There are also per-oscillator oscilloscopes and a spectrogram that allow for incredibly detailed sound design. All in all these improvements to the UI make Twin 3 much more intuitive and visually informative than its predecessors.

Fabfilter Twin 3 filter section
Twin 3 Filter and Envelope Section

Oscilattors and Filter

Twin 3 features four oscillators (up from Twin 2’s three). The oscillators have been completely overhauled and now feature ‘analogue-modelled drift’. This creates subtle random pitch and phase fluctuation, adding even more analogue character to your sound.

Pulse width modulation, hard sync and phase sync have all been added and polyphony has also been given a boost, with an upgraded maximum of 64 voices (double the 32 of Twin 2). 

Twin 3 boasts four filters, double that of Twin 2. The filters have been reworked and feature new vintage-style bell, shelf and notch types. A 6dB/octave slope option and Cutoff/Peak Offset knobs have also been added.

FX Section

Twin 3 includes a brand new FX section with a Compressor, Drive, Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Phaser. Every single FX parameter is available as a modulation target, allowing for even more layers of complexity and dynamics in your sounds. The new Arpeggiator, with host sync, Groove/Legato and Rate Offset controls is also a very welcome addition.

Finally, Twin 3 features a completely redesigned preset browser. This offers freely editable tags for filtering within the search engine, and options to ‘favourite’ presets and assign them author names and text descriptions. Any user of Twin 1 and/or 2 will see all their presets show up in Twin 3.

Twin 3 is available for purchase now for $129/£109/€109.

To get all the details of Twin 3 visit Fabfilter’s website.

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Author Mac Severino
13th February, 2023

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