British DJ and producer Blawan has just announced his return to XL Recordings with a brand new 5-track EP titled ‘Dismantled into Juice’. Stream the first single ‘Toast‘ now.

Blawan has just announced a brand new EP titled ‘Dismantled into Juice’ set for release on Wednesday the 17th of May 2023. The five-track EP will be Blawan’s second release on XL Recordings, following the massive success of his last project on the imprint, ‘Woke Up Right Handed’.

About Blawan

Jamie Roberts, aka Blawan, has been a prominent figure in techno for over a decade. His penchant for rhythm and percussion dates back to his youth when he was a drummer, and his affinity for crafting intricate, hypnotic beats is evident throughout his productions.

Blawan has explored a variety of musical styles during his career, often experimenting with different collaborations and sounds. His other aliases, Kilner and Bored Young Adults have provided additional outlets and allowed him to explore the vast territories of electronic music.

In addition to his solo work, Blawan has also collaborated with other techno luminaries, including Pariah as Karenn and Surgeon as Trade. His contributions to these projects have helped cement his status as a key figure in the global techno community.

Blawan’s extensive discography spans a range of labels, from famed imprints like R&S, Hessle Audio, and XL Recordings to more niche outlets like The Trilogy Tapes and Avian. In 2015, he founded his own label, TERNESC, which has served as a platform for most of his recent releases.

Since relocating to Berlin in 2015, Blawan’s music has become increasingly experimental and boundary-pushing. His live sets have also become a must-see attraction, as he seamlessly blends old-school techno sounds with cutting-edge production techniques.

What Can We Expect From ‘Dismantled Into Juice’?

‘Dismantled into Juice’ promises to showcase the multifaceted sound that Blawan has spent a decade perfecting. The EP features vocals from rising singer Monstera Black and sees Blawan moving further away from the club and deeper into the studio to explore more abstract sounds.

All we have to go on at present is ‘Toast’ which by our ears is some of the most exciting electronic music we’ve heard this year.

Toast is short but sweet coming in at just 2 minutes and 41 seconds run time and 93 BPM. The sound is intoxicating with a low modular synth (at least to our ears) rumble in double time keeping the track moving in the low frequencies. If you’re turning this up, be ready to face the neighbours as all the interesting stuff is under 100 Hz.

Later on, FM-sounding synths jostle for attention amidst a jungle of rhythms. It ends abruptly too. That’s all we have right now..!

‘Dismantled into Juice’ is available for pre-order and pre-save now.

Stream ‘Toast’ now.

Want to learn about Blawan’s production techniques? Be sure to check out Attack’s Article: “Undulating Modular Bass In The Style of Blawan’s ‘993’.”

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Author Mac Severino
19th April, 2023

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