Cmpsr allows users to trigger MIDI on their DAW or any MIDI-compatible device through the joystick’s movements.

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Digit Music is a new UK-based
company and their first hardware release, Cmpsr (pronounced composer), is a MIDI controller with a difference.

Originally developed for audio creators with accessibility needs, it is the first-ever MIDI controller to be awarded a Tech4Good Accessibility Award. In short, Cmpsr utilises gaming-style hardware to allow users to trigger instruments with simple finger gestures – the type you’d use to play Pacman with. And to boot, each unit is hand built in the UK.

As a disability-confident business, Digit Music is committed to changing the music industry
This unique instrument caters to those who are shut out of music-making due to body differences, lack of theoretical understanding, or time to learn. To that end, it suits musicians looking for a new, highly innovative and highly tangible approach to their writing process.

The joystick controller features all the needs of a more conventional controller with built-in key, scale and chord engines and expressive control.

Cmpsr enables you to play complex chords with a single move of the joystick.

There are eight RGB buttons, with a built-in haptic engine providing vibration feedback similar to that of a gaming controller. The buttons allow users to access an array of keys, scales, chords and inversions. This means users can set Cmpsr up to play complex chords with a single move of the joystick.

Cmpsr isn’t just limited to music production either, it can be used with any MIDI-compatible device making it useful for live visuals and lighting control. It can for example be used to control Pioneer DJ software. And live, let’s be honest, it’s going to look pretty tidy on your rig.

In terms of MIDI connectivity, users have two options, either a USB-C connector or wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth. No set-up is required for a wired connection but for Bluetooth simply set Cmpsr to Bluetooth mode and then enable Bluetooth discovery on your laptop or selected device to connect the devices. Cmpsr comes with a rechargeable battery that gives users up to 12 hours of wireless use.

Included Software

Cmpsr ships with an included production package of software and samples. The production package includes a copy of Bitwig Studio 8-Track, an exclusive collection of Bitwig templates suited to various genres and over 1GB of royalty-free samples, loops, and presets.


Users will be given access to tutorials from industry experts, as well as other resources to help improve their production skills. Official controller mapping for Bitwig Studio 8-Track is also currently in development.


Cmpsr will work with any device or operating system that accepts MIDI information.

The firmware updating software and companion app is currently only supported on macOS 11 and 12.

Cmpsr is available now for £299.00. Every unit is hand built in the UK.

To get the full details or to purchase Cmpsr visit Digit Music’s website.

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Author Mac Severino
20th April, 2023

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