Efx MOTIONS combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools into an effect plugin to give your music the movement and variety.

Arturia’s latest effects plugin is designed to add movement to static sounds. By static, the company refers to sounds that could benefit from movement in the mix rather than the sound of static electric charges.

It comes a year after Efx Fragments, which has a similar chassis to MOTIONS and is also undoubtedly an Arturia look and feel. The plugin also arrives at a buoyant time for plugins of this nature, with Effectrix’s recent upgrade, Baby Audio’s Transit and Toolroom’s Infinite all offering similar transition, multi-effects movement plugins.

Efx MOTIONS has a selection of effects modules with envelope controls, giving users the framework to draw everything evolving changes.

On the main Dashboard, you have instant access to the key features, divided into three sections: Macros, Crossover, and Output/Mix. The macro controls give you control over multiple parameters, while the Crossovers sets the overall frequency range that the Macro is controlling.

There are five main effects modules:

  • Noise
  • Distortion
  • Filter
  • Volume
  • Pan

Each effect has its own set of parameters but also a dual control of Motion and Dynamics. These set the modulation value sent to the Motion & Triggers & Dynamic sections.

As you might possibly expect the envelope control has pre-defined shapes, similar to what you might expect in the Acid V. You can use the controls to create one-shots or repeating effects for example filter sweeps, volume and pan modilations or evoling distortions (and more).

Triggers & Dynamics then provides a way to trigger the effects modules based on various inputs. Trance Gate and Euclidean modes offer editable and algorithmic gate patterns, respectively, whilst Clock and MIDI modes allow the plug-in to be triggered via a clock signal or incoming MIDI notes. Finally, a Transient mode can fire effects when transients are detected in the input signal.

Ableton users, and Gross Beat users in FL Studio, might be enticed by the Beat Repat & Effect sections which give you rolls, reverse or pitch, and time-stretching effects. The last piece of the pie is the global effects slots, which offer a total of 14 effects that can be used to add the finishing touches to the plug-in’s output.

Also similar to Acid V is the advanced mode, giving you enhanced macro control and the customization under the hood to push the plugin further.

Efx MOTIONS is available in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats, and also features NKS support.

It’s out now priced at an introductory price of €79 until 9 November 2023, after which it will cost €99.

Find out more on the Arutria website.

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17th October, 2023

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