The transatlantic duo reveal their all-time favourites, from late 80s R&B through to Slayer. Just don’t mention the Beatport top 10…

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What’s the first record you ever bought?

A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory. The entire second side of that album – ‘Who Got The Jazz’, ‘Everything Is Fair’, ‘Scenario’, etc – are all tracks I would gladly listen to today and still shake my head in amazement.

The last track of the night?

This usually changes every few months, but at the moment we go back and forth between Tensnake’s ‘Coma Cat’ since it’s now been a couple years and people love to hear it again remembering what a great tune it is. Sometimes Sébastien Léger’s incredibly emotional track ‘Talisman’, and lastly KiNK’s remix of Terranova’s ‘Question Mark’.

The record you’re proudest of?

Lyrically, ‘313 (Detroit Calling)’. Musically, our remix of ‘Zooloo’.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

My uncle had amassed quite a vinyl collection in Iran (all illegally obtained as western music was illegal to own, play or distribute – and still is!) and among those was Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygène, which was the first piece of electronic music I had heard. It definitely left an impression to say the least.

The record everyone loves but you hate?

Most recently – Hot Since 82’s remix of ‘Bigger Than Prince’. Thought the Martinez Bros one was so much better, but hey it’s all subjective right?

17th December, 2013


  • Have to agree with the hot since 82 remix, that tracks over my head!

  • I also have to agree on that. Hot Since 82 has a bunch of nice tracks. My personal favorite being Forty Shorty. But this track of his is plain boring. I liked better also his work before all the mainstream shit.


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