As he prepares to release a collaborative single with Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo, the Gomma boss talks us through his all-time favourite collaborations.

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The best collaboration of all time

Dizzy Gillespie and Machito. There are too many good collabos, but one of the first ones that really changed the music world was when one of the leading artists in jazz, Dizzy Gillespie, decided to do a big experiment and asked an Afro-Cuban band led by Machito to make music together. This was in the early 60s and changed Latin and jazz music massively. Imagine Daniel Avery going to record an album with Fela Kuti… that kind of stuff.

The best production duo

Let’s say Disclosure are hot right now and so it seems from their success that they’re a perfect production duo. But for me, coming from Munich, where Giorgio Moroder was making all the Munich disco music with Donna Summer, I have to say Moroder and his assistant Pete Bellotte. They changed music forever from that Munich studio, so I guess they are the best duo ever in electronic music.

The worst collaboration of all time

OK, let’s stay with Moroder. The worst collaboration ever must be the current one between Moroder and the ‘no-name’ guy who does his bad, bad dance remixes. Please kill this guy, because he is killing Moroder’s fame if he doesn’t stop.

The dream collab

Herbie Hancock and Daft Punk. That’s missing. Herbie Hancock’s last album – with John Mayer, Alicia Keys and that kind of stuff – is a real nightmare, but Herbie was the man who made jazz records for dancefloor fans in the 70s. Today it could be Daft Punk to help Herbie make dancefloor records. As always, bring together two different artists and the result could be the blueprint of the sound of tomorrow. Both of them have the potential. They did it alone already before…

The best duets

I have to talk about my own label. We will be releasing an EP by Nancy Whang, the female voice of LCD Soundsystem. It’s four cover versions of 70s songs, produced by producers from the electronic world that you would not expect to do this: Audiojack, Bonar Bradberry, Drop Out Orchestra… In the studio with Nancy Whang, playing stuff like ‘Midnight Shift’ and ‘Fly Like An Eagle’. This must at least become the best duets of 2014!

Munk & Rebolledo’s ‘Surf Smurf’ is released on Friday by Gomma. Find Munk on Facebook and SoundCloud.

22nd January, 2014

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