The Croatian techno producer runs us through his all-time favourites, from rave anthems to pioneering electronica.


What’s the first record you ever bought?

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon. I first listened to it at friend’s place, and the day after I went into the city and bought the vinyl for myself. This was at a time when I didn’t even have turntables to play it, I just wanted to own a copy.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

When I was a child I heard a song on TV. It was the background music in some documentary. Later I found out that it was ‘Chung Kuo’ from Vangelis. Since my early years electronic music has had an impact on me like no other genre.

Your favourite ever record?

LFO – ‘LFO’. This record was on constant repeat when I started going out. At the time I was really into computer music and acid house. This particular song had me hooked. It sounds amazing in a club: massive bass, shimmering strings, 909 beats… just perfect.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

Robert Hood – ‘Drive (The Age Of Automation)’. This one is quite recent, works all the time. There’s something in the ‘cutting’ main lead that just dominates the floor. People are full-on for this one.

The guilty pleasure?

Toto – ‘Africa’. I like this song so much. This is what you get when you have bunch of great instrumentalists playing together.

10th December, 2013


  • Yes Petar, distant shores is becoming a future classic, at least in my house 🙂 Looking foward to the new album!

  • best record for chill out, Petar Dundov – Around Ona 🙂

  • zvuk njegov je zaostao,cijela europa je krenila dalje on je preso na neko experimentalno melodicno sranje decko je uletio na vrijeme kad je to sve bilo popularno taj zvuk danas toga vise nema ostala je šaka ljudi koja to slusa i vozi se na starom imenu. sad ce neki rec da je on svijetsko ime da je on ovo ili ono ali intervju ne potvrđuje nista. mislim svaka cast ali ono..petar dundov za mene je nista :/ bar po mom ukusu..

  • realno hvala bogu na razlicitim ukusima

  • @realno – Hvala bogu pa je vam je stigao Martin Garrix i Avicii.
    Petar je jedan od prvoklasnih producenata,sto je i potvrdio na ne domacoj sceni nego i na svjetskoj.A ti se mozes pojesti ispred svojeg monitora koliko god hoces.Ako imam nesto za ponuditi ”svjeze” daj nam primjer svoje produkcije,pa da poslusamo sto nam imas ti za dati.
    Lijep pozdrav!

  • Great interview!

    Attack – Is that an original Mackie CR1604 in his console?

  • Realno” nemaš pojma tko ti glavu nosi.
    Baš me zanima kako si dospjeo na ovu stranicu sa zaključkom djeteta od 2 godine

  • Petar je unique…volim njegove darkerske voznje.


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