SUCHI recently released her 2-track EP ‘Seher/Lykke’ on Future Bounce. We asked her to introduce herself.

Who are you?

Hello! I’m SUCHI, a DJ and producer currently based in Manchester.  


Where are you from?

My parents are both Indian, but I was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. I then moved to London when I was 19 to study and ended up living there for almost 10 years. Then, I did a short stint in New York and came back to the UK again. Oh, and I also lived in India briefly when I was 12-13. So, I’ve been lucky enough to move around.

What do you sound like?

I would say my approach is broad. My debut EP was very breakbeaty, but if you look at my full discography to date you can see it spans across, house, electronica, techno, and some downtempo stuff. I don’t like to confine myself to a specific “sound” too much.

Why should we follow what you’re doing?

I believe the nature of my upbringing brings something new to the table. I’m deeply connected to the electronic music scene in India, and I try to use my exposure in Europe and the UK to champion those underrepresented artists. But at the same time, I’m part of the South Asian collective Daytimers, who often combine that classic UK club sound with South Asian elements. So, whenever I’m in India, I bring that UK influence back there too.

I find it so interesting to see how the sound is developing on both sides from South Asian artists and I try to champion that. Personally, I also incorporate elements of my cultural background into my DJ sets and productions, whether it’s traditional Norwegian Sami Joik or Indian vocals or percussions – it’s all influenced by the melting pot I’ve been a part of. I’ve been confused about my identity my whole life, but through music, I’ve somehow managed to define myself.

Which of your tracks sums you up? Why?

This is a hard one. I don’t think I can point out one track. I have so many different moods and energies that sum me up in one way or another. 

What have you got coming out in the near future?

I’m currently working on my third EP. Hopefully, it will come out around autumn.

What or who is your biggest influence and why?

I’m a massive fan of Bjork. All because she wholeheartedly knows who she is as an artist and totally owns it. It’s impressive to garner such fame and recognition with an avant-garde sound like hers. Her influences come from all kinds of genres too, so she doesn’t have a specific “sound” either. This, I rate and am all for.

What have you released so far? What else have you got coming out in the near future?

I’ve released singles on compilations via labels like Krunk Kulture, Ganzfeld Records and Daytimers. I released my debut EP Swift on Coastal Haze, and my second 2-track EP recently came out on Jamz Supernova’s label, Future Bounce.

How did you get into DJing/producing, to begin with?

I got into DJing when I started my first radio show on Hoxton FM. Initially, I wanted my mixing, on-air, to sound tight. When I started to focus on more club-focused music, that’s when I decided to bring my skills onto the dancefloor.

It took me a while to garner the courage to start producing, and I kept going on about how I wanted to start. It wasn’t until my friend asked me to soundtrack her short film, that I finally decided to download Ableton and give it a whirl. That was back in 2018, maybe? 

What are three things on your studio shopping list?

I’d love a Novation Peak, Prophet 6 or a Nord Lead. I just use a tiny MIDI controller and work in the box, so would love to get my hands on something more physical to play around with.

Who or what have you sacrificed for your art?

I wouldn’t say I’ve sacrificed much, which is a very privileged situation to be in. If anything, probably my career in advertising, but I definitely don’t see that as a sacrifice🚶‍♀️.

What’s been your favourite place to play so far?

Probably Magnetic Fields Festival in India. An incredible location, line-up and the festival-goers were amazing. 

Where can we hear your music?

You can find me on the usual platforms, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

What one song would feature on the soundtrack to your life?

I still have a lot of life left, so I wouldn’t want to settle on a soundtrack yet. We’ll see!

What motivates you?

Being part of community experiences, and setting an example to brown girls and women that they can have a passion for music and pursue it, no matter their age or background.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I once featured on a flavour milk commercial in Norway when I was 16. The ad was absolutely terrible 😂.

Complete this sentence: At heart, I’m just…

An east-Oslo Desi gal, trying to push the homegrown scene. 

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve received?

Fall in love with the process, not the results.

Where will you be in five years’ time?

Working in music full time, continuing to nurture and grow the Daytimers community, touring the world with a bunch of EPs, fruitful collaborations and maybe even an album under my belt. 

SUCHI’s 2-track EP ‘Seher/Lykke’ is available to buy and stream on Bandcamp. Follow her on Instagram.

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11th May, 2022

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