Claps and Snares

Now we add the snare and clap back in to the mix. Unlike kicks, snares and claps allow us much greater opportunities to experiment with timing and velocity.

Pic 7a

At the moment they vary in timing between beats quite considerably though the velocity levels are quite uniform. We could hard quantise and fix them both in a similar manner to the kick…

Pic 8a

…but this can be a bit devoid of soul if you are after an interesting groove. Sliding one or other of the elements before or after the beat change things quite considerably.

Pic 9a

Pic 9b

We can even do it with both of them together.

Pic 10a

As with the kick, ghost hits can be tweaked to a lower velocity.

Pic 11a

Additionally, one can map note velocity to the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter. Lower velocity notes will be more heavily filtered than higher ones.

Pic 12a

Author Bruce Aisher
14th March, 2014

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