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Spitfire Audio is a British company founded by two film composers looking to revolutionise sampling.

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Best of the Rest

There are many other filter designs we could throw into the mix, and with the analogue revival there’s been a resurgence of interest in long-forgotten designs.

Here’s an Arturia Microbrute with band-pass filter mode engaged:

Pic 26a - freq plot.

Pic 26b - freq plot.

Pic 26c - freq plot.

And with the same sound modulated by an LFO:

Pic 27a - spectrogram.

The Microbrute uses a (previously) uncommon Steiner-Parker 2-pole multimode filter. ‘Multimode’ means that it can be switched into different configurations: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, etc.

20th October, 2015

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Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio is a British company founded by two film composers looking to revolutionise sampling.

They set about recording the world’s finest players in the best locations in order to capture samples of unrivalled quality. Used across the music, gaming and film industry, Spitfire has become the go-to for producers and composers looking to add truly authentic sounds to their works.

With offices in Central London and a growing workforce of experienced music, film and recording professionals, their revolution continues.


  • Thanks !
    Good basic article, but I would assume the typical reader of attack mag already pretty much knew about filter frequency charts resonance, poles, comb filters, etc.
    It would have been maybe interesting after a short introduction covering these topics, to move on to discuss in more detail the phase effects of filters, the different uses and possibilities of modulations routes, what makes a moog, DSI, arturia filters, sound so different, etc…

  • Good article! I enjoyed the example filter types (Oberheim, Korg, Moog, Arturia). I often look for ways to describe differences in filters. I also appreciated the learning that analogue filter slopes are rarely linear. Guess I’ll have to go play with Ableton Lives new Cytomic filter types.


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