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quit logic pro x

Ever thought of quitting music? This month’s question comes from a reader who’s had enough. Join the discussion in the comments below.

Dear Attack.

I’ve had it with making music and am one step away from selling up my gear and trading the lot in for other things.

So here’s the deal. 2 years ago I made a pact with myself that if I hadn’t made a fulltime music career for myself by my 30th birthday I’d jack the whole lot in and do something else. And here I am, 30 last week (yes, it was a good party!!), put out a few tracks, sold a few records but nowhere near giving up the day job. I’m honest enough to admit that I’ve not done what I hoped and dreamed I would.

I love music but if i’m honest I’ve probably not been quite good or committed enough and don’t get enough rewards from 10 hours in front of Ableton. I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to keep struggling away if it’s not going to get me anywhere.

I have other interests and I have to admit I kind of like the idea that all the money I’ve put into music could now be channelled into more normal things like a holiday.

So here’s my question to other Attack mag readers: am I doing the right thing? Anyone else done the same and ended up regretting it? Will I always feel bad about failing to ‘make it’? In a nutshell, can anyone tell me if I’m making a huge mistake?

Love the mag. Promise I’ll continue to visit even if I choose the dark side!

JP. Glasgow.


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27th June, 2014

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