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This month’s question comes from a reader struggling to strike a balance between composition and sound design. Join the discussion in the comments below.

Hello Attack Team,

I’ve maybe got a topic for your “HELP!” section. I’d be very interested in Attack readers’ opinions on this one.

How far do you go with mixing while you compose and/or arrange a track in your DAW?

Composing, sound design, arranging and mixing were for me all separate sections of songcrafting, which actually started to blur when I began producing electronic music.

Mixing seems like its own independent instrument, with all the possibilities and easy ways to go in modern DAWs. I always find myself getting lost in mixing and sound design questions, when I’m actually still composing.

I have to say that my musical background is more guitar-ish and I’ve been playing in bands for years, so it maybe isn’t that surprising that this is the hardest part of electronic music for me even though I’ve been making electronic music for some years now.




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10th September, 2014

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