We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment in crowdsourced answers to all kinds of production and creative problems. No query is too small, no question too personal…

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This month’s problem is one that comes up time and again: how to finish a track. Let’s nip it in the bud!

Dear Attack.

Please help me. I’ve been producing for about five years. I’m generally proud of my output and I’ve had a few tracks signed. But one thing is holding me back: I’m finding it increasingly hard to finish tracks. Bizarrely, when my own standards were lower, I found it much easier. But now I find myself abandoning projects on an almost daily basis. The consequence? A hard drive full of 16-bar ideas that I’m unable or unwilling to work into full arrangements. I’ve all but abandoned my Soundcloud account as I only want to upload tracks I’ve finished. I can’t work out whether this is an inevitable side effect of higher standards or whether it’s part of a deeper malaise. I should say I’m a really good ‘finisher’ of projects in my work life – I just wish i could take the same approach to my music. 

Mark, Coventry.


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20th May, 2014

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