14 – Chandler TG1

A recreation of the infamous TG12413 limiters found in Abbey Road’s EMI consoles in the late ’60s (used by, among others, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones), the gun-metal grey TG1 owes much to the Fairchild 670, the sound of which the EMI engineers of the time attempted to recreate.

But in fact the EMI limiter – and the TG1 in turn – have a sound all of their own, with limiting taken care of by an unusual diode network that generates a characteristic overdriven warmth.

The TG1 does one thing very well: warm, rich, fat and unsubtle; transparent it is not. It can pin a synth line, keys part or bassline in place, but its overriding talent is on drums, where it delivers serious body.

With a retail price of around $4,000 (pricey but admittedly a hell of a lot cheaper than a Fairchild) the TG1 is a studio luxury, but its unique abilities are famed. This is a seriously powerful beast with an unashamedly vintage sound.

Author David Felton
13th November, 2012

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