7 – Elysia Mpressor

Every so often a new compressor enters the market that changes the game – and sometimes even the wider signal-processing landscape. The Empirical Labs Distressor was one. Elysia’s mpressor is another.

Taking even a cursory glance at the mpressor’s marketing text tells you the kinds of sounds you can get. Think fat, freaky and extreme. And for dance and high-energy pop, the mpressor – with its negative ratio offering – is a dream machine.

Which is not to say it’s a one-trick pony. Oh no. Sure, it does extreme sound processing – and some of its tricks are genuinely unique in the hardware world – but it does considerably more. Velvet vocals. Slammed basses. Fluid pianos. Aggressive distorted synths. Precision mastering… Yeah, it’s flexible too.

Maybe it’s most at home – and shines best – when pumping the mix bus in a way that Parisian sidechain abusers could only have dreamt about all those years ago. But even that doesn’t quite do the mpressor full justice. Maybe its real strength – and its magic – is its creative soul. It’s not just a signal processor – it’s a signal mangler. It’s a compressor with the heart and brawn of a kick-ass synth.

The hardware version isn’t cheap, but the mpressor is also available as a much more affordable and outstandingly good plugin.

Author David Felton
13th November, 2012

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