Ten Of The Best: Studio Monitors 2019


Price (pair): $1999
Design: 2-way ported
Woofer: 8″
Tweeter: AMT RS2
Frequency response: 36Hz – 21kHz

Ten Of The Best: Studio Monitors 2019


If you’re thinking that EVE Audio has some connection to ADAM Audio, then you would be correct. EVE Audio was founded by former ADAM Audio CEO Roland Stenz, who is EVE’s principal designer. One might imagine that there would be some design crossover with these monitors, but the SC208s are quite different from the A7Xs.

The SC208 comes with two 8-inch near field speakers. Instead of analogue circuitry, the SC208’s functions are handled with DSP (digital signal processing) technology, with amplifiers that use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). What this means is that musicians and producers who use the SC208 monitors have some digital control over the output.

But what really sets the SC208 apart is the ribbon tweeter. Most tweets are basically miniature domes that output the high frequency (treble) sounds, much like what you see on the woofers that drive the bass frequencies. Their design, often flat, allows them to handle the high frequencies in great detail, but they’re not as physically robust as the domes. Anticipating any worries about the tweeter’s delicacy, EVE Audio offers a protective metal honeycomb plate that magnetically fixes to the speaker.

But don’t think that the SC208 is only accurate with high frequencies. It does bass, and it does it well. Overall, they are a great pair of speakers for a home studio, but perhaps best for rooms with a bit more square footage to them. If you’re looking for a more compact and cheaper option from EVE Audio, one that is perhaps better for smaller rooms, check out the SC205 monitors.


15th March, 2019

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