Ten Of The Best: Studio Monitors 2019


Price(pair): $999.00
Design: 2-way ported
Woofer: AV10-MLF 18Cm Cone
Tweeter: AV10-MHF 3.5Cm Soft Dome
Frequency response: 60Hz-20,000Hz

Ten Of The Best: Studio Monitors 2019

Avantone CLA-10A

Last year, Avantone Pro dropped the CLA-10 studio monitors. Unlike many modern speakers, the CLA-10 was a passive studio monitor. On top of that, it was a recreation of the iconic Yamaha NS10 monitors, which were standard in studios in the late 1970s and throughout the next couple of decades. The CLA-10A, which debuted at this year’s NAMM, features the same woofer and tweeter as its predecessor, but also comes with a built-in amplifier to make it active instead of passive.

If someone is looking for that classic NS10 monitor sound, and likes the idea of an active option, then the CLA-10A will be a great buy. Being that the monitor is a recreation of a speaker built in the 1980s, it might not be everyone; especially those folks working in modern electronic music genres, and who have grown accustomed to monitors like the ADAM Audio line, or even the more affordable KRK Rokit series.

One thing worth noting with the CLA-10A versus the CLA-10 is that it comes equipped with a new “VTPC” knob, which is short for “Variable Tissue Paper Control”. That might sound funny, but Avantone says that this allows the CLA-10A to simulate the Vertical “m” model and horizontal “Studio” model, and select the tweeter brightness that works for them.

Avantone says that CLA-10A’s are expected to begin shipping late March or early April.


15th March, 2019

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