iZotope Ozone 9 Dynamics

Price: $249 Standard

iZotope Ozone 9 Dynamics, Best Compressors

Izotope’s Ozone software suite has become indispensable for producers looking to add a final mastering polish to their mixes. With a wide variety of modules, from EQ to dynamics to stereo imaging, plus the implementation of AI, Ozone 9 is a powerful software mastering solution.

Included in the package is Dynamics, Ozone 9’s multiband compressor/limiter. Available as part of the suite in Standard version and as a separate plugin in the Advanced, Dynamics is an excellent, all-purpose mastering multiband compressor that should not be overlooked.

The frequency band can be split into up to four bands, with each capable of handling compression, expansion, and limiting independently of the other bands. This independent processing extends to other functionalities like the usual ratio, attack, release, and knee amounts, plus parallel mix amounts and even auto gain and adaptive release, the latter of which will monitor the signal to create more natural release settings.

iZotope’s products are known for their implementation of AI and Ozone 9 follows suit, with a learn mode to help set crossover points, one of the more difficult aspects of multiband compression to get right. It also features an interactive threshold control for both compressor and limiter.

Dynamics is an excellent, transparent, and modern multiband mastering compressor. It would be worth the Stardard price tag on its own. The fact that it comes as part of a much larger mastering suite is just phenomenal.

26th March, 2020

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