U-he Presswerk

Price: €129

U-he Presswerk, Best Compressors

Most software compressors are modelled after or inspired by classic hardware: your LA2A’s, your FET’s, your VCA’s. These are incredibly useful, as each has a distinct character that shines best on a certain kind of sound. For example, the slow attack of optical compressors makes them ideal for bass, while ultrafast and transparent VCA emulations sound best on mixes, as they can tame peaks without tarnishing the rest of the signal. But what if you want a compressor that can do it all, and do it all with aplomb? Then you need u-he’s Presswerk.

Much like their Diva, Presswerk takes the best of a number of different compressor types and rolls them into one package. It can do vocals and instruments, bass and drums, even mastering-use mid/side compression. Think of it as a dynamics greatest hits package.

And while the front panel can be a little intimidating at first, what with its plethora of controls and options, u-he have seen fit to add a number of different compressor “views” that reduce and simplify your options depending on the job required.

Presswerk also includes a number of features that take it above and beyond your normal dynamics processor. You can choose between detection topologies, whether that be feed-forward, feedback, or an intelligent blending of the two. There’s also a dual phase rotator, which smears phases and increases headroom. And let’s not forget the saturation circuit.

Presswerk is excellent for anyone that wants an all-in-one dynamics solution, or for someone who wants to get under the hood and really fine-tune their compression.

26th March, 2020

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