RME Fireface UCX audio interface

RME Fireface UCX


You won’t find many companies who make a bigger range of interfaces than German stalwarts RME, whose line-up incorporates everything from old-school expansion cards to the thoroughly politically incorrect pink Ladyface model.

The company’s Fireface 400 and 800 models were some of the most popular options in the Firewire interface market, but as Apple and other computer manufacturers phased out the Firewire protocol, the company responded with new USB models. The Fireface UCX is essentially an updated version of the UC, which was in turn a USB 2.0 interface based on the Fireface 400. To confuse matters slightly, the UCX reintroduces the Firewire option dropped in the UC, giving users the choice of either protocol.

There’s also a new remote control option, but otherwise the UCX follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, offering eight analogue inputs (with two preamps) and eight analogue outputs, plus a comprehensive array of digital I/O, all of which is delivered with rock solid drivers, low latency and comprehensive routing via the company’s Total Mix software. It can even run in class-compliant mode, allowing you to record up to eight tracks simultaneously on an iPad.

iPad or not, RME’s interfaces are some of the strongest options in the mid-range market. The UCX is a worthy successor to the much-loved Fireface 400.

30th September, 2015

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