Metric Halo LIO-8 audio interface

Metric Halo LIO-8


Florida’s Metric Halo make a fairly small range of high-end interfaces. We’ll shine the light on the LIO-8 here for two reasons: it’s a lot more affordable than the flagship ULN-8, and it’s a bit different to the other selections on our list.

The basic LIO-8 unit is simply an eight-channel line-level interface with no preamps. The unit can also be upgraded with mic pres, but at its heart it’s a device which prioritises clear, transparent conversion above all else, allowing you to use it in whatever way suits your creative process.

That flexibility will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of electronic music producers. Whether you’d prefer to hook up your own outboard mic pres, use an analogue mixer, or even if you only record line level sources, the LIO-8 is an interesting option. After all, why pay for mic preamps if you don’t intend to use them?

30th September, 2015

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