Adam AX 7, technology, tweeter

Adam A7X

Price (pair): £795
Design: 2-way ported
Woofer: 7-inch carbon/rohacell/glass fibre cone
Tweeter: X-ART ribbon
Frequency response: 42 Hz – 50 kHz

New technology has always been an important factor in driving the development of studio monitors, but it’s not enough just to throw a couple of state-of-the-art pieces of tech at a speaker and hope for the best. It takes a cohesive, balanced design to create something genuinely special, regardless of the individual components.

The futuristic-sounding X-ART ribbon tweeter used in Adam’s A7X monitors is an excellent example of high-tech done well. The tweeter offers outrageously impressive specs on paper, but it’s the fact that it’s built into a well-designed speaker which gives it the chance to (literally) shine.

ADAMS AX9 - Active Studio Monitor (Nearfield), Black, Single

One thing always stands out when looking at the specs of Adam’s monitors: the ribbon tweeter’s frequency response extends so high that the speaker as a whole stays flat all the way up to 50 kHz – way beyond the upper limit of human hearing. That might seem unnecessary, but it reflects the fact that the X-ART tweeter is exceptionally clean and flat. As a result, the A7Xs are incredibly detailed in the parts of the frequency range which you can hear. Lower frequencies are equally revealing, with solid bass response for a 7-inch woofer and a clear, precise response to fast transients and complex material.

The A7X is part of a new breed of monitors which work particularly well for electronic music. Some people find them a little forward and brash, but others appreciate their open, revealing honesty and exceptional stereo imaging. In fact, the Adams are such good value at this price point that we’d rank them alongside more expensive models like Dynaudio’s BM6As and Focal’s CMS 65s.

9th December, 2013

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