Focal Twin6 Be, studio monitor, single

Focal Twin6 Be

Price (pair): £2,500
Design: 3-way ported
Woofer: 6.5-inch composite cone
Mid-range: 6.5-inch composite cone
Tweeter: beryllium inverted dome
Frequency response: 40 Hz – 40 kHz

Focal’s Twin6 Be is quite an unusual design. Where most most 3-way designs use a larger driver for the bass frequencies than the mids, the Twin6 employs 6.5-inch drivers to handle both the midrange and the bass. Comparisons with the more traditional 2-way Solo6 are inevitable, and they quickly reveal that the addition of an extra driver makes a massive difference.

The Twin6s offer a useful reminder of the fact that different monitors suit different personal preferences. Compared to the similarly priced Event Opals, the Focals have a lot in common. They do similar things very well: they both handle electronic music with ease, offer a big soundstage and reveal details without being fatiguing. However, listening to them alongside each other demonstrates just how different their personalities are.

Focal Twin6 Be, studio monitor, single

It’s impossible to say that one’s ‘better’ than the other; they’re just different. Some people will prefer the way the Focals sound a little less forward than the Events and perhaps slightly more ugly when the mix isn’t quite right. They expose flaws incredibly well, rather than flattering a bad mix.

It’s an issue that’s worth bearing in mind at any price point. Of our selections here, the Genelec M040s and Neumann KH120s are also similarly priced but very different in character, while the PreSonus Eris E5s and KRK Rokit 5s demonstrate that the same principle applies even with budget models.

The Twin6 Bes would be our first suggestion for anyone seeking exceptional clarity and accuracy with a laid-back, unhyped character.

9th December, 2013

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