A new company has launched in beta, Wavezoo, that promises to provide a platform for DJs to take paid online bookings and if you’re throwing a party, you can use it to book DJs to stream in and play at your event.

Wavezoo, located in Jamaica, has announced its beta version is now available. Their mission is to make it easier to source and book international DJs and give party organizers instant access to DJ talent. On the Wavezoo homepage, the mission is made clear:


Using Wavezoo, anyone looking to throw a party can access a global roster of verified professional DJs using state of the art audio-visual technology within a secure, user-friendly platform.

For DJs, Wavezoo, offers a new opportunity to book gigs as well as get paid without all the expense of travel and performing live. The live connection running simultaneously with an always-visible chat feature ensures that DJs and their audience are synergized during the performance.

For party organizers, you can book a DJ to stream into your event using Wavezoo

DJs can see their audience and crowd reactions in real-time with two-way video streaming allowing them to respond to the ebb and flow of the crowd – just as they would if they were in the club together.


Technically, Wavezoo is using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) which is ubiquitous with streaming and incorporated into an easy to use interface with Wavezoo. For DJs, it’s not technically demanding and it gives DJs another opportunity to monetize their craft from the comfort of home.

The Wavezoo DJ Policy

  • Wavezoo offers DJs the opportunity to sell your skills online.
  • DJs keep control of their own channel and their own business management.

DJs signing up can take advantage of a limited time FREE sign-up offer by registering during Wavezoo’s beta launch. As A DJ, a promoter can find you by language, music genre and rating. After only a few steps, DJs can take bookings immediately.

Sign up as a DJ or a party host on the Wavezoo website.

18th September, 2021

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