Creating an outlet for underrepresented artists in a marginalised community, Flesh – the UK’s first LGBTQ+ electronic music & camping festival starts in May 2022.

Flesh is a two-day bank holiday festival to be held at Springfield farm in St Albans. Set to take place on the 28th and 29th of May this year, Flesh will be just a stone’s throw away from Kings Cross. The lineup features DJ’s, artists and collectives such as VTSS, Jaguar, Wax Wings, Nadine Noor, Inferno, Big Dyke Energy and more.

The programme will consist completely of underrepresented artists, with 90% being non-binary, trans+ and women ranging from an array of ethnicities. The event stands as a platform for emerging artists within the LGBTQ+ community. Flesh will provide a stage where they won’t be silenced in what has mostly been a male-dominated industry.

What Flesh Will Be Doing

Addressing the long-term issues in festival programming, which is dominated by cis-male straight artists, breaking the cycle and allowing emerging and underrepresented talent to break through on a worldwide platform.

Flesh festival is open to all individuals seeking a great time out on the weekend. Riposte will be hosting an activity tent themed as a Queer club night. The tent will be a community-driven take on clubbing where attendees can socialise, relax and enjoy workshops and panels. Pop-up shops, food stalls and play areas will be provided for everyone to relax and have a great time.

Equality is Flesh’s main aim. To really drive this goal home, Flesh has partnered with London Sound Academy. This is a programme consisting of two scholarships and mentorship for emerging QTIPOC artists. Those partaking in the programme are invited to perform in Flesh’s bank holiday festival, bringing their aim to life.

Minorities In Electronic Music

Many tend to forget electronic music’s minority origins. House music can be traced back to New York and Chicago‘s underground gay clubs. A prime example is Southside Chicago’s ‘The Warehouse‘. It’s largely believed that this is where house music found its name. DJ Mag recently released an article on San Francisco’s gay disco history. Have a read and recognise the truth regarding disco music.

To apply for Flesh’s scholarship programme, visit their application page. To find out more visit Flesh online.


Author Britney Young
17th January, 2022

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