As of May 31st, several NI legacy products will no longer be available.

Native Instruments announced today that it is discontinuing a number of its legacy products, as well as some from third-party manufacturers. These products, as well as the activation tool Service Center, will be discontinued on May 31, 2020. 

Among the Native Instruments, legacy products set to be discontinued are popular VSTs like Absynth (2 and 3), FM7, Reaktor (versions 2 through 5), Traktor, and others. As for third-party products, NI will no longer support a number of products by vendors like East West, Big Fish Audio, Zero-G, and others. 

All previously installed and activated products will be used without any hiccups, but on May 31st users will no longer be able to reinstall and reactivate these products. 

“Most of the products have a newer version with the same or enhanced functionality, either released by NI or one of our partners,” Native Instrumentes noted. To find these new versions, NI directed users to their product pages for legacy products and suggested users contact third-party vendors for newer plugin versions and alternative libraries. 

After May 31st, users will activate and manage NI products via Native Access, the company’s portal for downloading, installing, activating, and updating all music software.

The full list of legacy and third-party products can be seen over at the Native Instruments website.

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10th March, 2020

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