Neural Mix Pro’s ‘real-time music source separation’ could be the next technological stepping stone for extracting acapellas and other musical parts from audio for sampling. 

German developer Algoriddim is the company behind the popular djay app, which allows users to mix using the libraries of streaming services like Tidal, Soundcloud and Beatport. Earlier this month they had introduced a Pro AI version of the djay app that added the function of real-time vocal and instrument separation. The technology is called Neural Mix and Algoriddim claims that it is powered by an AI-based engine. 

Algoriddim has now released Neural Mix Pro, the desktop standalone version of the software. The Mac-only Neural Mix Pro splits incoming audio into three signals—vocals, harmonic and drums—and provides the option of soloing, muting, mixing and exporting these three sources as stems.

Neural Mix Pro

Algoriddim’s target audience is mainly DJs but the stem isolating feature could also make the new app popular for instrumentalists and singers as a music player used for accompanying backing-tracks. Neural Mix Pro’s music player functions include playlist management, key change and tempo change.

Stem-separating technology has become popular over the years because plug-in developers are aware of the potential for giving producers an easy means of sampling acapellas, drums and other samples from tracks without available stems. Other recent examples are iZotope Ozone 9’s Master Rebalance plug-in that allows the user to mix bass, vocals and drums and Accusonus’ Regroover that specializes in isolating drum elements in a full beat. However, it will be no surprise if legal issues about sampling and copyright become more prominent as this technology advances.

Speaking about Neural Mix Pro, CEO and co-founder of Algoriddim, Karim Morsy, stated, “We’ve created Neural Mix Pro to add a new creative dimension to the repertoire of producers, DJs, and musicians of all skill levels. It’s designed to let anyone explore and edit music in unprecedented ways and we can’t wait to see what artists create with this AI-powered music tool in their hands.”

Hip-hop icon Pete Rock has also voiced his support for the app, saying, “Neural Mix is incredible! It does so many things I wished for in my early years of DJing and now it’s a reality.”

You can download Neural Mix Pro from the Mac App Store for free, but unlocking all features requires a one-time payment of $50/£49/€55.

Author Aykan Esen
30th August, 2020

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