Producer, engineer and Superfreq co-founder Noël Jackson shows us around his LA studio, giving us an insight into the build process along the way.

Noël Jackson’s Behold EP is out now on Superfreq. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

20th October, 2015


  • funny how many of these “my studio” articles imo tend to focus on mundane items, cute thingies, generic, widely used or unrelated (to electronic music) gear, etc..

    gee artist xyz got in his studio a sh101, a TR909, a dx7 and ableton on a screen, with a lava lamp, a hand decorated bongo drum next to a laotian incense burner…

    sorry, this is not meant to be mean, but frequently these studio descriptions seem to be there almost for “entertainment” rather than for real information.
    they rarely elucidate the “sound” of the artist, what makes it personal, how the gear functions separately and together. maybe it’s considered trade secrets. if so then “my studio” series is more akin to a decorator or a lifestyle chronicle.

    or maybe i am being unfair and expecting too much…

  • I get what you mean @dk_zone, but I also kind of like that the articles reflect things that the artists think are important for their mood/workflow. It is kind of frustrating when you are wanting to learn about gear and how to incorporate it into a studio, but at least that information is available elsewhere in most cases.

  • No you are being perfectly fair @dk_zone …. Some of these studio tours are really lame. This one and the other one in a dark room are really worthless.

  • Fair enough. The format of these articles is pretty heavily set in stone. I’d love to actually answer questions or talk about things you want to hear about. Some more detailed articles on my studio build and more will be on my personal web site in the bar future:

    Why was this worthless though? Seems like a fair bit more info I put out regarding specifics than most. What would you like to hear? I’ll answer any question you can throw at me. Go for it. Anything. Compression, EQ, summing, patch bays, wiring, acoustics…

    Thanks for being honest.



  • Just to be straight up. I wouldn’t be caught dead with incense or a lava lamp in my studio.

    Tell Attack Magazine what you want. People like me are willing to talk about whatever they’re asked, if they are given the space to talk about it. Unlike many producers and engineers.

  • I think that the point of these features is mostly inspiration with a healthy dose of gearporn time-wasting thrown in. These studio tours are almost never truly in-depth enough to glean any useful tips or secrets. Even the longer studio tour-style features on sites like Future Music are really just glamour shots an demos of already legendary bits of gear. Not a lot to be learned about how the gear works or how to improve one’s music. They are, however, inspiring and energizing. If you want real insight or knowledge, there are lots of great tutorials and lengthy features out there on this and other websites. I enjoy these features and like seeing how much people can get out of their home studios.

  • @hanzhebie I am writing up the entire build process for my studio. It currently is around 10 pages, which I’m editing down. 🙂 Hope at least the info I provided here is of some inspiration and the full article will be really helpful.

    To be fair – I’m answering questions, but all anyone has done is complained – not asked a question in public – it’s been all private emails that I’ve responded to.

  • Noël, I appreciated the studio tour and I think your offer to answer questions is very generous.

    What would you recommend to someone who wants to get a good balanced sound but can’t dedicate a room to acoustic treatment and ideal speaker placement?

    My room isn’t awful, but it’s small and because it’s shared living space I can’t bring the speakers too far away from the walls or put bass traps in the corners. Are headphone mixes the best I can do for mixing bass?

  • I don’t think the critics or unjustified here – but – I do think people are being ungrateful and rude with their criticism. I think there is always something to glean from these studio tours – be it in the pictures or the descriptions given. If you are looking for A+B=Chart Hit then keep looking. There is so much information hidden in this tour. We know there is a huge element in the “vibe” of his studio which tells us a lot about his creative process. He uses processes the encourage randomness or chaos (Rene). We know he likes hardware but does not discriminate when it comes to high quality plugins. Plus getting to know the person through his writing is always interesting.

    I’m not trying to hate on haters – just saying let’s be more appreciative of the time spent by these artists. I know I would be pretty disappointed to write up a passionate studio tour like this one and find a bunch of people complaining about it.

    Noel – cheers to you! I love your studio tour – space looks beautiful and must encourage the creative process. I feel as I have learned much about you as a person and an artist. Thank you for your time!

  • @Nerd: The answer to your question is to find compromise and use headphones 🙂 My best suggestion is to try to find the best spot for your speakers first. A lot of the time, it’s actually not 3/8ths of the way back in the room, it could be with your speakers pushed all the way up against the wall to be honest. Try what you can with positioning, then try to at the very least get rid of reflections by using high frequency absorbers. Just one layer of 8pcf Roxul or Owens Corning 705 with nice fabric over it will help a ton. The most important thing to individuals when discerning if they enjoy a room’s acoustics is typically reverberation time. Unfortunately small rooms are hard to treat for that without going all the way, and it’s easier to mix on a simple speaker without a sub, like the Equator D5 or Yamaha NS10s – even the new Yamaha 5″ powered speaker is really quite nice. You won’t solve your room problems with a “better” speaker in my opinion. A good set of headphones will probably be your best friend at the end of the day. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Audio Technica ATH-M50 cans. Hope that helps and wasn’t just redundant.

  • @Osro Thanks for being a genuine human being. Appreciate the kind and eloquent words. 🙂

  • Noël. Thanks. No, not redundant at all. Very good, succinct advice.

    Just one follow up though, and this may be hard to answer, but what should I be listening for when moving around and trying to find the sweet spot in my room? It’s hard to know when I’ve found the spot having never heard a proper room before, sadly.

  • @Noël Jackson … Ok sorry about saying this was worthless. The fact that you responded to the readers and answered some questions makes this a good My Studio feature. Manny times we are left with a few dark grainy pictures and not much of a guess at the artists chain/process. The fact that you offer up some advice raise’s the value of this particular tour. My apologies.

    One question for you. What keyboard is in the first picture on the right and is there anything special about it?

  • @Nerd Listen for the “flame” of the speakers – that’s vague but you know it when everything comes into its own and you feel like you aren’t too far near or away from the speakers. It’s probably an equilateral triangle try moving that equilateral triangle towards and then away from the wall. Try some of the calculators out there for finding the best listening position as well.

  • @David Apologies not needed! I just want the time I put into anything – even the press coverage – to be useful. Appreciate you coming back to comment.

    The keyboard to the right is very special actually! It’s a Jupiter 6 that Mr.C gave to me. It was used by The Shamen for a long time while they were on tour. When it first arrived it was severely broken. Now it’s repaired and being put to good use.

  • @Noël Thanks for the info on the keyboard. I had to know what the keyboard is as its the only one I could see but couldn’t make out what it was. I guess if your going to own only one keyboard that’s a really good choice.. or the Jupitor 8.

  • @David Yes! It’s a great synth… But I do have more… The synths didn’t make it into the photos. I’ll post my synth rack once it doesn’t look like a mess.. 🙂

  • What! You have synths and you didn’t show us! 🙂

  • @David 🙂 Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see them once I get my Jasper Alu stand all organized.

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