R&S Records’ enigmatic Moiré shows us around his studio space, a dark retreat in which his creative process takes place mainly at night.

Moiré’s Gel EP is out now on R&S Records. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

8th October, 2015

  • mlke

    Want an OP-1 really badly…

  • djoremi

    most of these photos are rendered pointless

  • WM

    Yeah, this is prob the weakest “my studio” I’ve seen.

  • Boro

    Moire you are stupid , WTF is going on with the photos .

  • David

    I can’t see the point of the useless pics. …….. I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can see .. so i can ..

  • Simon

    Yes, but what’s in the Studio?

  • sam

    have you actually read what he’s written?

  • Mrq

    I actually like the photos…his descriptions are enough

  • nsfsn

    nobody realises that this is a social experiment

  • nsfsn

    erm but where is his 808?

  • Osro

    Tough crowd here – Boro you are quite rude to someone who has taken his time to share with us. I think the photos add to the aesthetic Moire is talking about. Sure I wish I could see more of his gear – but to insult him? Moire I love your choice of aesthetics – Espresso and an OP-1? Sounds like the perfect studio right there!

  • rs

    there is an online feature on fact mag where u can see all the fancy gear. this here feels kinda personal not just showoff which is nice

  • Eric

    dare to be different. dare to be stupid. get blasted for trying.

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