As they launch their own label, Ethyl shows us around the duo’s shared space.

Ethyl & Flori’s Lion City EP is out now on their own E&F Records imprint. Find them on Facebook (Ethyl & Flori) and SoundCloud (Ethyl & Flori).

6th November, 2015


  • Interesting setup. What is the grey box on the shelf in the last picture … Korg? also what is the black rack-mounted item below the Motu 828 in the next rack down … Yamaha something? Justice Cross unplugged .. lol

  • Awesome! I love the alter – that is almost a staple of the “My Studio” section – would also love to see what books are stacked up in the corner of that picture – every studio showcase should include an alter and stack of books!

  • Pretty sure the grey box is a Yamaha SU10. Little pocket sequencer thing from the mid 90s.

  • @Tony Mac Cool, thanks found it.

    The SU10 is a very compact and portable sampler and sequencer. Best suited for the on-the-go musician it ultimately is a note-pad for musical ideas. It has a maximum of 4 simultaneous samples polyphony, 11.64 to 44.1 sampling rates, 54 to 19 seconds of sampling time (respectively), stereo input/output (using one-eighth inch mini stereo plugs), 4 songs with up to 100 events in each and a maximum of 48 samples can be stored. The 12 key-pads are not only used for editing and programming, but also for triggering samples stored within any of the four banks (bank a, b, c or d).

    For professional use these specs are just not good enough. Its overall sound quality is questionable. However it features some pretty cool tricks that may interest DJ’s: a ribbon controller that can be used to filter the samples cutoff, alter pitch, reverse, scale, crossfade, hold and scratch samples. It features a VCF type filter with 3 resonant settings and a bandpass, highpass, or lowpass shape. It can even be used to filter an external sound source. Unfortunately the filter is ‘sketchy’ and prone to crackles, distortion and noise. Filtering external sounds have extremely low output too.

    The SU10 won’t replace your real sampler nor should it be considered a professional sampler but it does have its place. If you can handle the limited sampling specs and very poor filter then the SU10 can still provide you with hours of fun and entertainment, but that’s about it. It has been used by Jimi Tenor, Autechre, and Scanner.


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