The Berlin-based Australian producer shows us around the studio where he made his new album, Escape The Remedies. Stream an exclusive mix from MUUI below.

MUUI’s Escape The Remedies is out now on Crossfrontier Audio. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

14th January, 2015


  • praise jah with this fine studio

  • I like how Muui/Attack have put the audio examples below the images, that a great addition. More of that where possible, please!

  • I notice that attack is taking some pride in these studio features and adding some extra details. I also liked hearing the track examples, it helps me gain some perspective on how the artist use’s particular gear. When I see a new MY Studio post it just makes my day … its one of my favorite moments in a week.

  • Love these features but why present it in this annoying frame with tiny pictures and only enough space for six sentences?

  • hi, nice studio, thank you Attack Magazine!

  • You can hear my new album ‘Escape The Remedies’ here:

  • Terrible taste in artwork. Terrible music


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