Martin Landsky and Marco Resmann show us around Marco’s studio, where they worked on their recent collaborations.

Landsky & Resmann’s Lava EP is out on February 23rd on Upon You.

10th February, 2015


  • Monitors? Mixer? Other Keyboards? …… 8 pictures and one of a ball to sit on. Attack has done better studio features then this but why even bother at this level of nothingness. Tell you what .. I have 8 pictures and a sentence to go with them if you want to cover my studio, should only take me a minute to shoot them, three minutes to write the descriptions and another 20 seconds to email them to you. We know Attack Magazine can do better then this.

  • Babylon feedback from Dave. Jah is displeased.

  • guys, can’t you see that it’s up to the artist how much information they give in these studio tours? it’s not attack’s fault that not everyone goes as deep as ambivalent or mathew jonson! relax. enjoy it for what it is. a quick bit of fun.

  • I was to harsh, maybe the guys at Attack needed a break and time in their own studios.

  • I think this was great. Thanks for doing these studio tours, Attack and all artists. It’s always insightful to see what others are using!

  • Can someone tell me and Dave the type of lightbulb that lamp takes seeing that Attack seemingly have a cba attitude with their studio tours!

  • I mentioned it before but I think these are missing a trick with linking sounds, and I’m not tottaly sure why the artists aren’t on board and pushing for it… so for example where they say:

    “Funnily enough, all of the main sounds in ‘Lava 1′ and ‘Lava 2′”

    Put a soundcloud link to one of these sounds so we can see what they’ve made. Attack gets richer articles with more value, and the artist gets exposure to people who haven’t heard their stuff. I’ve never listened to these guys tracks, but would check out a linked piece of audio which may make me think “hey these are decent” and turn me into a customer/fan.

    Little effort, long way!

  • @Wow lol. Actually the ball to sit on is a good idea, Imogen Heap has one in her studio. I would have been curious to hear about the mattress size room treatment and it looks like maybe a Vsynth xt in that rack by the mixer. All that vinyl must get used. The wattage on the light-bulb wasn’t the first thing to come to mind …. but from the looks of it probably 70 watt’s and a very important studio tool indeed.

  • Dave – the monitors are KH 310 A – pretty much the best at this price point.

  • Resmann is a master


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