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Marc Adamo walks us through the process of recreating the synth parts in Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle’s house classic.

One of our highlights of this year’s London Electronic Music Event was the session in which producer, author and occasional Attack contributor Marc Adamo recreated the synth parts from ‘Your Love’ from scratch using Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1. After the event we asked Marc to distil the entire process down into a video for us. Here’s the result: 11 and a half minutes of killer sound design, demonstrating the timeless appeal of these classic analogue synth sounds.

28th May, 2014

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  • Ross_I_Floss

    Love these vids!

  • Wedro OTK

    Thanks guys, absolutely priceless

  • Wedro OTK

    Thank you guys, absolutely priceless

  • Sister

    More of these ! So good and helpful.

  • Carlos

    Such a good tutorial!!

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