Released on Hot Creations last month, Darius Syrossian and Hector Couto’s ‘We Both Loco’ is a killer slice of bassline-driven house. We show how to create its distinctive synth sound in NI Massive. Scroll down for Darius’s production tips in the comments section.

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28th May, 2013

  • Maddox

    Nice tutorial – we actually did it in Operator on Ableton though 😉

  • Attack

    @ Maddox

    We got pretty close though, right? Who are we talking to here – Darius or Hector?

  • Maddox

    Very close! I might have to start using Massive a bit more – all the “modern talking” stuff put me off a bit.

    Neither – I’m Paul who mixes Darius’ stuff (and occasionally contribute a bit of sound design and other bits too)

  • Anthony

    When it says swing = F , what does that mean? Cheers.

  • Attack

    Anthony, that’s just Logic terminology for a particular swing setting. 16F swing is equivalent to 71% swing in most other DAWs (where 50% is straight timing). Some DAWs do things slightly differently, so it can be a little confusing. We’ve got a big feature on this topic coming up in the next couple of weeks which should explain everything, so stay tuned for that one…

  • Alex

    This is soooo good!
    Modulating the pitch und twealing the envelopes really is key to those popular bass sounds in deep- & tech-house.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Marc

    Nice one guys. Classic Patch. I was just wondering the other day how it was made! Darius & Hector are on fire at the mo. Hope you do the beat too.

    @ Maddox. Great job Paul! Just bought “The Crew” – Heavy tune!!! Do you do all the production & mixing in Ableton? Also can you recommend a decent swing setting from the groove pool to get a jackin bump? Cheers to you & the guys for the magic.

  • klaus Bader

    always great bass from darius tracks,

    if its this type of bass or the bass in his other tracks

    i hope he keeps producing the same style for a long time

  • Maddox

    Darius does 90% of it in FL Studio, then we usually just mix it in Ableton at mine and occasionally swap the odd sound out / tweak the arrangement slightly.

    Regarding swing though, I usually just drop the “Swing 16-99” groove in, then use the Timing slider to home in on the right amount, so it just works like a swing amount knob. Somewhere in the 55-65% range will give you this kinda feel though 🙂

  • Kurtis blake

    I have actually been to darius syrossian when he used to engineer, and wanted to have that swing he has in his tracks, he did it so quick and easily but he used a korg esx1 machine for it not fl studio, but for bass he used the jd800 and then messed with fl studio, was really interesting to see how he did it.

  • Marc

    Cheers Paul- you’re a STARR!!! I’ve been trying to get my head round shuffles for a bit…:D I’ve been programming on a 16 triplet grid to get a jackin vibe but it often feels 2 mechanical – I’m a bit confused as to how to program the syncopated hits on a straight 16 grid (espec. the skippy snare/choked hat effect). Does it help to use an individual simpler/sampler on snares n hats to get pitch variation? Listening to the likes of D&H, Jason Hodges and Sneak it sounds like the velocities increase at the end of the bar. Is that good practice? Sorry if my questions make you feel like a Beats Agony Uncle! Really appreciate your advice! Thanx bruv & much love,

  • Attack

    Marc – we’ve got a feature on swing coming in the next couple of weeks which should answer a lot of your questions.

    Paul, thanks for the tips. That’s what Attack’s all about.

  • Marc

    Cheers Guys – Looking forward to it. You’ve been an invaluable resource. You truly spoil us!
    BTW- on a related note: In Live 7 you could set record quantize to the Global groove- a feature they removed in version 8. Just got LIve 9 and they offer 16 & Triplet quantize – but looking at the PUSH vids was wondering if you could set it to global again. Haven’t found any info on Ableton’s site. Thanx peeps!

  • Ryan K

    I was talking to Darius at a gig once, and asked him how he makes his tracks,
    he told me he uses Korg to make the drums and snares, but has a few different patterns he layers, he makes his leads and bass lines all separately with a Roland 505, or jd800

    And then, wait for it, the crazy part,

    He sequences it all in FL Studio, layers it out in that, gets a groove going before making the track and starts from middle out, and when i asked about mastering he said he is a control freak and needs to be there when it is being done, and also the FL Studio sound engine isn’t good enough, but he sequence’s in that, because it helps him arrange and get the groove he wants, but then mixes it down afterwards in another studio

    I have never heard of anything like this, but as long as he keeps doing it, all good, i have never heard a bad track from him, and ALL his tracks have 100% got that darius flavour to them.

  • Marc

    @ Ryan K – Nice one Ryan! If you scroll up you’ll see Paul Maddox’s comments – Darius’s engineer. He deals with the middle bit post FL…. and gives some generous tips! I linked this vid to Darius’s facebook page and his reply stressed pretty much everything you said! A right proper band of Yorkshire jackmeisters with Northern Soul by the bucket load. Top bananas!

  • Darius Syrossian

    hey marc, good, great work with this site, its fantastic,
    anyway just to reiterate, paul isnt my engineer, all my tracks are finished at mine before i go to paul to get them mastered and mixed down,

    i actually engineer myself for other people,
    but when it comes to mxing down, i need to be in another studio, i use hardware to create my basslines and drums and all the swing and everything is added here, but i then sequence in FL studio and edit everything in Wavlab, hha i know really weird and long winded way of doing it, but FL studio doesn’t have a good sound engine, so i mix down elsewhere, I’ve tried sending tracks to people to get mastered in past, but i need to be there because i know exactly how it should sound, sometimes last min things are changes while in mix down process, but tracks are always finished before i go to get them mastered and mixed down.

  • alfredo

    any tips on recreating this in ableton?

  • Yeray

    because massive with this patch makes funny noises at the beginning of each key?

  • Yeray

    clicks at the beginning and end of each key, why? please

  • Attack

    Hi Yeray

    Hard to tell. Does it happen with all sounds? Tried increasing the buffer setting of your audio interface?

  • Yeray

    not my interface,plack plack plack at the beginning of each key,not heard as clean as the original or video

  • Alan

    Hello Attack Magazine, this website is so helpful , and btw could you make a tutorial about the drums pattern you used for this bass tutorial ? This is a typical drum pattern style that i dont arrive to reproduce, i’m quite limited to 4/4 kick, claps, and 909 hi hats 🙁 … This would help a lot of people

  • Attack

    Alan –

    This should help you get started out in the right direction:

  • Alan

    Hi Attack Mag thanks for answering, i’ve already watched all the topics of “beat dissected” , but unfortunately there aren’t more jackin’ house style, only one tutorial on it has been created and we can’t download the sample pack unfortunately, and as it is an old thread i was asking if you could do a new one, like this one you use in this tutorial. Sounds so clear , i love it, you make a really nice work on this website , i like you guys !

  • Dirk


    thanks for your tutorials…makes me smile 🙂

  • Griff

    Hi what did you use to make the original synth pattern?

  • K

    How does one go about doing the phase modulation in operator? sorry, I know this is somewhat of an older thread

  • Ryan

    I still have yeray’s problem of the clicking at the start of each key, any advice?

  • alex

    Would love to see an operator tutorial on this one:)

  • Ryan

    What scale does Darius tend to use? So funky! but I can’t get a similar vibe just using a minor scale ?

  • Jack

    I’m so happy with this thread! Metal by Darius and Hector was my fav tune for a long time! Also I was happy to see @maddox here, I bought your tech house and techno in ableton tutorial a while ago and it really boosted my production. I had no idea you were involved with Darius! I’m glad I took advantage of Darius’ residency at Sankeys before I left Manchester for Melbourne. I’m hoping to bring that underground vibe with my and project through some seriously tasty beats…

  • Aidan Williams WZA

    All that needs is a bit of re-verb.

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