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Logic’s Compressor features a similar Output Mix setting (hidden from view by default, then revealed by clicking the triangle on the bottom left of the plugin window):

Extreme Treatments

If you want to experiment with less transparent forms of parallel compression, perhaps the first place to start is by increasing the attack time, and exploring the the use of RMS detection. Don’t forget that the balance between unprocessed and compressed elements plays a massive role.

Using the same drum loop, the result here is parallel compression with serious attitude:

However, the result is still relatively subtle. If you really need compression with attitude and you want it to get noticed, then using a full-on setting on a classic downward compression may still be the best answer. For the sake of comparison, check out how that would sound using Universal Audio’s 1176 emulation in the famous “all buttons in” mode:

Author Bruce Aisher
11th September, 2012

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