We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment in crowdsourced answers to all kinds of production and creative problems. No query is too small, no question too personal…


This month’s question comes from a reader struggling to decide which approach to mastering works best for his music. Join the discussion in the comments below.


I have just finished what I hope is a strong 3-track EP which I will be self-releasing with through one of the bigger aggregators. At the moment the tracks are unmastered and I’m looking at three options: self-master; an established mastering house, or one of the cloud-based services like LANDR.

What do fellow Attackites recommend? I’m the first to admit that my mastering ears are not what they could be, but equally, I’m on a budget and will struggle to afford real high-end mastering. Nor do I know where to start in finding an engineer who ‘gets’ dance music. At the same time, I’ve heard mixed things abut LANDR and how it deals differently with different source material. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different options.

So shall I go gonzo or bite the bullet and leave it to the pros?



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22nd January, 2015

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