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This month’s question comes from a reader unhappy with his life as a touring DJ. Join the discussion in the comments below.

dear attack,

i’m reaching out with a problem that some people might laugh at but others might understand.

my problem is i’m living the dream and for want of a better word i’m lonely.

i’m a pro dj and producer who makes most of his money from gigging. i’m knackered most of the time, i’m not into booze and drugs any more so i’m not bothered about partying with everyone i meet and i’m bored of the lifestyle even though i’m only 33. i miss home and i miss my family.

don’t get me wrong, i’ve loved the chances i’ve had. i’ve really enjoyed the last 15 years or so of my life in house music and i’ve never taken my chances for granted but i’m finding myself sitting backstage with other djs or in hotel rooms alone thinking of home and wandering what the fuck i should do with my life

i’ve thought about jacking it in more than once but i still love music and i don’t know what else i’d really do. loads of my mates have given up and got proper jobs because they had no choice so it makes me feel guilty that i’m not happy even though i’m making an ok living.

what do I do? keep at it? do something else? stop moaning?

thanks guys

anonymous for obvious reasons!!!


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26th February, 2015

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