Moog Werkstatt – built for modders

When the world’s best-known synth brand creates an entirely new product aimed explicitly at the DIY community, it’s time for anyone with an interest in modding synths to get excited. That’s exactly what happened in 2014, when Moog developed a bare-bones synth to be assembled in a workshop by 125 attendees of the annual Moogfest event.

Interest in the synth was sufficient that Moog decided to roll it out as a limited-edition model before eventually adding it to the full product range. A large part of the appeal of the Werkstatt lay in its ability to be modified. While the idea of a real, US-made Moog synth for just £269 is appealing enough in itself, the fact that the Werkstatt was specifically designed to be modified by the user makes it even more interesting. Moog describe the synth as “an educational, patchable analog synthesizer” and actively encourage experimentation via the Werkstatt Workshop site and the officially approved Werkstatt Mod Kit.

With just one VCO, one LFO, one envelope generator and a classic Moog ladder filter, the Werkstatt is basic, but the potential is huge. Users have already discovered a huge array of possible mods, either wiring directly into the on-board patch points, using the optional CV expander or soldering directly to the circuit board itself.

The Werkstatt is without doubt the best choice if you’re looking for a currently produced synth with huge modding potential and official support from the manufacturer (Teenage Engineering’s OpLab also offers an interesting if slightly more abstract approach to modding when paired with the OP-1). The active Werkstatt user community and official support from Moog mean that information and help are easy to find. The Werkstatt is already shaping up to be a cult classic.

16th June, 2015


  • What about the Mute Synth II?

  • Great read. Thanks.

  • The extensive envelope control on the x0xi0 is really the defining feature…but all in all, a wonderful, wonderful mod that transforms the x0xi0 into something else entirely…

  • Well, going back, the E! and and SuperMAX for the Yamaha DX7 are pretty amazing, but maybe not so much for your audience. The SCI Pro One TurboCPU+MIDI might be though.

  • What about Europa for Jupiter-6 and Gligli for Prophet-600? They’re great inexpensive massive upgrades. Gligli is even free.

  • There is no link for the Tubbutec mod in the article. Here is the link:


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