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With many of the most highly celebrated hardware compressors reaching 50 years old, you could be forgiven for assuming that the best compressors are based on vintage circuits. Some of those older designs are undoubtedly difficult to improve, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t companies developing excellent new compressors. Modern technology – whether analogue or digital – allows compressors to do things the vintage classics never could, giving more control and offering creative options not found in older models.

A case in point is Elysia’s stunningly versatile Mpressor. A fully analogue unit built entirely from discrete components (meaning there are no integrated circuits used), the Mpressor is an incredibly flexible processor, allowing the user to take complete control of the compression process for everything from ultra-subtle dynamic levelling through to completely destroying signals.

As far as new, innovative features go, Mpressor is a leader in its field; options include an Auto Fast setting for semi-automatic, program-dependent attack times, anti-logarithmic release curves for more obvious compression effects, a Gain Reduction Limiter for setting a limit on the amount of compression to be applied, and negative ratios for extreme pumping effects.

As far as new, innovative features go, Mpressor is a leader in its field

The software version of Mpressor, developed in conjunction with Brainworx, includes all the features found in the hardware. As Elysia put it, it’s “as close as it can get” to the real thing. A truly creative compressor with a lot of unique options.

12th July, 2015

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