FXpansion DCAM Dynamics



British developers FXpansion are real all-rounders, producing everything from synth plugins to drum machines via delays, filters and distortion. The company’s DCAM (Discrete Component Analogue Modelling) products are based on circuit-modelled emulations of analogue hardware, with the Synth Squad package followed shortly afterwards by a compressor bundle, DCAM Dynamics.

DCAM Dynamics is a suite of four plugins: BusComp, an SSL-style bus compressor; ChanComp, an 1176-style limiting amplifier; CrossComp, a frequency-conscious bus compressor and EnvShaper, a transient shaping compressor. ChanComp is the obvious choice for use on individual channels, while BusComp fares well on the mix bus or sub-mixes such as the drum bus. EnvShaper provides all the convenience of the transient designer approach, allowing you to shape the attack and sustain transients of the signal. CrossComp is a little more unusual, offering a frequency-dependent approach – effectively allowing you to compress specific frequencies while letting others pass through unprocessed. (For the record, we’re not fans of traditional multi-band compressors – in most cases, the added level of complexity makes them far more difficult to use effectively than a simple single-band device, meaning that they often introduce just as many problems as they solve.)

At just £69, DCAM Dynamics is one of the best value ways to add some of the classic compression flavours to your plugin folder. You can get a taste for what’s on offer by downloading FreeComp, a free version of the BusComp bus compressor.

12th July, 2015

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